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A slight mist in the air

A new chill fills the breeze

I took the walk through the woods

With my heart in great ease

It’s autumn time again

And so the earth comes alive

This old life is dying

But a new one will rise

I walk through the wood

Following the path ahead

It stretches for miles and miles

I need a clear head

And so I start to let go

Of the things from the past

Things cannot be changed now

Now a new spell is cast

But I can learn and grow

Realise what went wrong

With you and me, with everything else

A start of a new song

I have regrets yes

But I know my worth

I was born to be who I am

While I live upon this earth

I cross over the bridge

Looking down at the stream

Watching the ripples in the river

Feeling finally free

And I continue on

Through the tall trees

The sun low in the sky

And the earth’s gentle breeze

I finally stop

Underneath the largest tree

I feel myself smile

Because finally I can see

Through the autumnal colours

Of yellow, red and brown

They compliment the blue sky

And my feet leave the ground

And as the leaves fall

I start to dance

Yes, autumn is finally here

And I am given another chance

The magic has filled me

And I can laugh once more

Dancing in red, yellow and brown

My soul starts to soar

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