Something is going on

Something I am trying to work out

These walls are caving in

Leaving me with my doubts

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The 10 year challenge

There is a ten year challenge thing going around, where people post a pic of themselves, from ten years ago and their most recent one before comparing the two. I did this myself and even though, looks wise I haven’t changed (apart from I wear glasses now and my hair has naturally got darker); looking at the photo of myself ten years ago, I see someone completely different.

Pre warning, the next bit gets a little heavy

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My Little List of Aims

So, it’s 2019. I was going to do a long blog post about 2018, but instead; I have gone for something a little different this year. Well, not completely different. This post, is still going to be what I want to achieve and what I am going to do, for the coming year. But it’s also, going to address some issues that I felt came to the surface, during the last few months of 2018. So, not to leave you hanging; here are my little aims for this year.


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