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One Last Letter to Myself

Heya Suz!
How are you? Let’s see, where did this letter come out! Oh wow, ok. 2010…ok you have to promise me that you won’t read this, until the day before you are 30? Good 🙂 So, as you can tell (or read) this is going to be my last letter to you. I have come to the end of my twenties chapter and so, this is in a way…like a last chapter in a book. So let me, just say a few words. It is quite long, so bear with me…

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I Want To Talk (part 2)

I wrote about this topic, a few times last year (Hello Social Anxiety and Re-Evaluating: Social Anxiety, if you want to check them out) and so this year, I was debating about writing about the subject again. But while I was debating, I realised that while social anxiety is slowly, starting to become recognised; there is still…what’s the word?…that stigma around it (around all mental health for that matter). This year in particular, what with Covid-19, lockdowns, social distancing; mental health cases have become, more prominent. Suicides have gone up. Depression. Panic Attacks. Self Harm to name but a few. I suffer from depression and have had suicidal thoughts, in the past but I wanted to focus more on my social anxiety…

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