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Memories Part 9

Relationships aren’t perfect. I learnt that from a young age. I saw the cracks in mum and dad’s, long before dad decided to shack up with Crystal. I saw how dad had this…complex of being a dick towards mum. For instance, he refused to do anything to help mum around the house. Stayed out for long hours (was probably shagging Crystal). Arguments were constant with him and mum. I do find it offensive that he turned up, to mum’s funeral at all! But I don’t want to rant too much, about that.

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Memories Part 8

I haven’t really spoken about my two younger sisters (who are twins), Ava and Brooke. I should really. They are literally my best friends. Being able to call them my sisters is a privilege. I remember when they were born. Both had these amazing blue eyes, that sparkled constantly. They were a handful but I completely adored them. Mum did too. When she turned to drink and violence, she never used to hurt them. Always just me. But I would rather it had just been me. I couldn’t bare it, if the twins got hurt.

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Memories Part 7

I’m not gonna lie, I was always envious of Darcy’s mum and dad. Mainly because growing up, Darcy took her relationship with them for granted. Both were kind. Thoughtful. Loved Darcy. Loved her brother, Josh. And actually, encouraged Darcy and Josh to be who they were. When Darcy came out to them at 13, they couldn’t care less so long as Darcy was happy, within herself. In contrast, when my mum found out about me when I was fifteen (knew I should have got rid of that diary)…yeah, I got properly beaten that night.

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